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Pine Tar Soap

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Pine Tar Soap

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Embrace the essence of the wilderness with our Pine Tar Soap, an artisanal creation derived from the robust resins of pine trees. Infused with a potent, bold aroma reminiscent of woodsy campfires, this soap not only tantalizes your senses but also harnesses the remarkable healing properties of pine tar.

Nature's Soothing Touch:

Traditionally used to alleviate skin conditions like dryness, eczema, and psoriasis, pine tar is nature's potent antidote. Its intense, campfire-like fragrance adds a touch of the great outdoors to your cleansing routine, transforming each shower into a woodland retreat.

A Symphony of Natural Ingredients:

  • Chamomile & Calendula Infused Virgin Olive Oil: Soothing botanicals enhance the soap's calming properties, adding a layer of tranquility to your skin.
  • Pure Shea Butter: Rich in moisture, shea butter provides a luxurious, hydrating touch, leaving your skin supple and soft.
  • Handpicked Coconut Milk: Infuses the soap with a creamy texture, making each lather a nourishing experience.

Crafted with Love, Crafted for You:

Every bar of Pine Tar Soap is meticulously handcrafted using the cold process method. Small batches are infused with botanical wisdom, wildcrafted plants, and a generous dose of love. Hand-cut and carefully packaged, each soap bar embodies the essence of artisanal craftsmanship.

A Promise of Purity:

  • No Synthetic Additives: Our soaps are devoid of synthetic colors and fragrances. Instead, we rely on essential oils, clays, plant powders, and botanicals to lend unique colors and scents.
  • Palm Oil Free: Our commitment to ethical sourcing extends to being palm oil-free, promoting eco-conscious choices.

Your Skin's Best Friend:

While this all-natural creation is a skin-loving delight, it's meant for external use only. To prolong its life, keep it dry between uses, ensuring its natural goodness lasts longer.

Embrace the Pine Tar Experience:

Dive into the wilderness with Pine Tar Soap. Let the bold aroma and healing properties of pine tar rejuvenate your skin and senses. Every bar is a testament to nature's wonders, a promise of pure indulgence, and an invitation to experience skin bliss, the way nature intended. Unveil the wilderness within; your journey to natural skincare begins here.

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