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Lemon Ghosty Bath Bomb

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Lemon Ghosty Bath Bomb

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These little ghosty's are the bomb & a  perfect spooky addition to your selfceare routine 

This bomb is naturally scented with essential oils of Vanilla, lemon & lemongrass 

3" x 3.5" size

Baking soda, citric acid, cream of tartar, pink Himalayan salt, lemon essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, Vanilla planifolia (Fruit) Oil

The shea butter is fair trade! Purchasing these ingredients makes a direct impact on the women who make these product and the communities they are a part of in northern Ghana. Using these fair trade ingredients provides the dignity of income to these hardworking women and additonaly helps support educational and economic projects in the community!

Directions- fill your bath with comfortably warm/hot water and add bath bomb and enjoy!

***To ensure the bath bomb makes it to you in good condition the bath bombs will be shrink wrapped in our biofilm (biodegradable shrink wrap) but some of the flower on top may still come loose**
***The bath bomb does contain plant material that will not dissolve into the water. ***
*** this listing is for one bath bomb***
*** all my products are hand made with a lot of love. Please understand there will be some variations in appearances.***

Disclaimer- In rare cases, skin irritation may occur. Always test this product on a small area of skin before initial use. Please watch your step as you exit the tub as the oils in the bath bomb may cause the tub to become slippery. Do not use if your skin is cracked, damaged, or sunburned. While this product is all natural it is intended for external use only( avoid contact with the eyes)

Every item Prairie Fire product is free from synthetic colours and fragrances. What does this mean? I only use essential oils, clays, plant powders & botanicals to give my products their unique colours & scents. It is also palm oil free!!

Shop notes

Do to the nature of my products I can not except returns. If you have any questions or concerns please reacheout to me.

Xoxo Kirstin