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Indigo & Honey

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Indigo & Honey

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Elevate Your Skin Care with Honey-infused Indigo and Basil Soap

Introducing our Honey-infused Indigo and Basil Soap, a luxurious blend of natural ingredients designed to nourish your skin and tantalize your senses. Crafted with care and infused with local honey from a Parkland apiary, this soap embodies the essence of purity and holistic skincare.

The Magic of Honey:

Sourced from a local apiary in Parkland, our honey isn’t just an ingredient; it's a powerhouse for your skin. Packed with antioxidants, antimicrobial properties, and humectant abilities, honey is a hero for dry or damaged skin. It not only rejuvenates but also enhances the lather, creating a rich, bubbly soap bar that caresses your skin.

Indigo Elegance and Basil Allure:

The bold blue swirls in our soap come from indigo powder, adding a touch of natural beauty. Infused with basil essential oil, this soap emanates a unique herbaceous scent with strong anise undertones, leaving you refreshed and invigorated. To add a delicate touch, each soap bar is adorned with jasmine flowers, enhancing its visual appeal and reminding you of the serenity of nature.

A Symphony of Ingredients:

Our soap is meticulously crafted using saponified oils, including extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil*, shea butter*, and castor oil. Combined with nourishing coconut milk, local honey, indigo powder, and basil essential oil, this soap represents a harmonious fusion of natural elements. (* = organic, fair trade, or wildcrafted)

Handcrafted with Love and Intention:

Each bar is a product of love, intention, and the expertise of small-batch craftsmanship. We take pride in our commitment to working with botanical infusions, wild-crafted plants, and herbs, as well as supporting local makers, producers, and growers. Expect slight variations in color and appearance, a testament to the authenticity of our artisanal approach.

Ethical and Eco-friendly:

Our soap is free from synthetic colors and fragrances, embodying the essence of purity. We utilize essential oils, clays, plant powders, and botanicals to give our products their unique colors and scents. Plus, we are proud to be palm oil-free, aligning our values with sustainability and environmental responsibility.

A Ritual of Pure Indulgence:

While this soap is a celebration of nature’s bounty, it is intended for external use only (please avoid contact with eyes). To extend the life of your soap, keep it dry between uses. By choosing our soap, you not only indulge in luxurious skincare but also contribute to environmental conservation, as we utilize recycled paper for packaging whenever possible.

Embrace the artistry of nature and the richness of local ingredients with our Honey-infused Indigo and Basil Soap. Let your skin bask in the goodness of honey while your senses are serenaded by the herbaceous charm of basil. It’s more than soap; it’s a ritual, a journey into holistic well-being, and a reminder of the beauty found in the heart of nature. Experience the magic today.

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