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Fireweed & Geranium Soap

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Fireweed & Geranium Soap

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***Due to an ordering error on my end these bars are currently being sold without soap bands.***

Indulge in the enchanting essence of nature with our Fireweed-Inspired Floral Soap. Crafted to capture the spirit of fireweed, this soap is a tribute to the wild beauty of the outdoors. Immerse yourself in a luxurious blend of geranium and lavender essential oils, creating an herbaceous aroma that transports you to a blooming meadow under the clear blue sky.

Key Ingredients:

  • Saponified Oils: A fusion of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil*, shea butter*, and castor oil, expertly blended to form the soap's gentle base.
  • Botanical Infusions: Enriched with coconut milk, kaolin rose clay, French green clay, and spirulina, these natural elements provide a nourishing and revitalizing touch.
  • Essential Oils: Geranium and lavender essential oils, sourced for their delicate floral notes, infuse the soap with an exquisite, herbaceous aroma.

(* = organic, fair trade, or wildcrafted)

The Artistry of Nature:

Our soap is not just a cleansing bar; it’s a work of art inspired by the elegant allure of fireweed. The natural pigments from kaolin rose clay and French green clay create a visual masterpiece, reminiscent of fireweed's vibrant hues in full bloom. Spirulina adds a touch of freshness, echoing the vitality of nature itself.

A Symphony of Aromas:

The harmonious blend of geranium and lavender essential oils transports you to a serene garden in full bloom. Close your eyes, and you can almost feel the gentle rustle of petals in the breeze, evoking a sense of tranquility and harmony.

Craftsmanship with Love and Intention

Every bar is a testament to our commitment to handcrafted excellence. Small-batch produced, each bar is infused with intention and a lot of love. I take pride in collaborating with local artisans, makers, producers, and growers to source high-quality, sustainable ingredients. Please expect slight variations in color and appearance, a reflection of the natural botanicals and herbs used in the process.

Our Promise of Purity and Eco-Friendly Packaging

This exfoliating bar is free from synthetic colors and fragrances. Instead, it's adorned with the hues of essential oils, clays, plant powders, and botanicals, giving it unique colors and scents. Plus, it's palm oil-free and vegan, aligning with our ethical values. To minimize our environmental footprint, we package our products in recycled paper whenever possible.

A Reminder for Care: While this product is all-natural and a celebration of nature's bounty, it's intended for external use only. Please avoid contact with your eyes. To ensure the longevity of your soap, keep it dry between uses. Avoid leaving it submerged in water.

Join Our Journey into Natural Bliss

Embrace the fusion of natural ingredients, sustainable practices, and genuine care for your skin creates an unparalleled cleansing experience. Every use is a step toward a refreshed, rejuvenated you and a cleaner, greener planet. Welcome to our world of pure, sustainable indulgence.

Shop notes

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Xoxo Kirstin