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A French Bulldog Named Margot

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A French Bulldog Named Margot

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This candle is named after my second French Bulldog Margot. She is beauty & grace she also has a personality reminiscent of the late Anna Nichole Smith. A little ditsy but as cute as they come. Her favorite activities are making an uncomfortable amount of eye contact with you while sitting on your lap, blowing bubbles in her water bowl & bulldozing over her brother Hamlet. She is also a sucker for having one of her paws held while watching television.( Yesmy dogs are spoiled )

I will be using my cutest bees wax candles as a fundraising effort to raise money to send to friends in Ukraine. $10.00 from every purchase of my Frenchie candles will be sent to friends of ours in Ukraine to assist them with caring for their animals as well as their community. 

 We purchased our first our first Frenchie Hamlet from breeder in Ukraine. My husband & I never expected the correspondence to continue after we picked up Ham. But it did…. they wanted to know how he was getting settled, pictures of him growing up & even wishing him happy birthday every year for the last 5 years. Their own dogs and the ones that have made their way across the world are loved even when they have found new families. 

When news of the war broke we would check in with them more often. It was heart breaking to hear the updates.(they are sometimes blunt with details. I think is due to translations, broken English and our sad attempts at Ukrainian) Bombing on their town, stress for their children and young grandchildren and of course their beloved dogs. It has been difficult to keep all their animals safe, fed and happy. They have lost some of their senior dogs due to the stress and chaos of the war. In the fall of 2022 we purchased two more dogs from them (Margot, who is now Hamlet’s little sister, and Kira, who belongs to my brother in law). We always knew we wanted another dog but their hardships expedited our planning. While it was two less mouths to feed it has still a struggle for them. They like many Ukrainians have done this before(Ukraine didn’t officially become independent until august of 1991) They spent their youth under the thumb of the USSR and now are having to go through this chaos all over again. But like the majority they have chosen to stay and risk their own safety for their country & freedom. They have made countless trips across borders slipping past Russian check points to gather medical supplies and other items for their fellow civilians, who with no military back grounds have chosen to stay and fight.

I’m hoping that with your support I will be able to surprise them with this gift to lighten their financial burden even just a little (and in the process send a giant “f*** you “to Putin and the Russian invaders!!)

 I have intentionally left out names, locations & other personal details as I am paranoid it might affect their safety (don’t trust a hoe …. AKA Mother Russia) if you would like more information feel free to send me a message.

I would also encourage you to check out Olia Hercules. She is a Ukrainian who resides in the Uk & also happens to be my favourite cook book author. She has countless post, fundraising efforts & interviews on her fist hand accounts of helping her family who still resides the Ukraine.

These babies are hand poured with love right here in Edmonton, are made with 100% local organic beeswax & have an all cotton wick. 

Candle's are just over 3" tall and have an aprox 4-5 hour burn time 

Here's why Prairie Fire bees wax candles are the bees knee's

- Because we use wax from local Apiary there is a lower carbon footprint as we are not importing soy or coconut wax from all over the world

- They are a natural product(chemical free and non-toxic)

- We use a 100% cotton wick 

- Beeswax candles actually improve the indoor air quality& have a lovely natural scent 


Before using your candle please read through and follow these safe burning tips! 

Candle safety 

Shop notes

Do to the nature of my products I can not except returns. If you have any questions or concerns please reacheout to me.

Xoxo Kirstin